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7 Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Author: Claire Denman | 22 Feb 2021

Whether it be on your daily work commute, your weekend coastal walk, or just while you’re cooking dinner, podcasts have become one of the easiest ways to consume content. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite podcasts right now.

1. Seize the Yay by Sarah Holloway.

Seize the Yay is the perfect podcast to listen to on the way to work. Sarah has such an uplifting attitude and always has inspiring and diverse guest speakers on. The podcast is littered with motivational stories and quotes. It will put you in a positive headspace for the day and make you feel ready to kick some a**!

2. Afterwork Drinks

Wow. These girls are really having a moment. This podcast has been a saving grace during these isolating 2020 times. Listening to this podcast literally feels like you are catching up with two of your best girlfriends over a glass of red, after a long week. Isabelle and Grace seamlessly discuss everything from all things pop culture to social and political issues.

3. Casefile

Everyone’s favourite crime podcast. Casefile discusses old and new gripping cases. The anonymous host's eery tone of voice adds a slightly creepy atmosphere to the podcast. This is definitely one for all the crime lovers out there. PSA: I highly suggest you don’t listen to this podcast when driving alone at night [yes, I have made this mistake!].

4. Ted Talks Daily

We need not explain the phenomenon that is Ted Talks. Featuring enlightening, intelligent, and highly interesting speakers, this podcast is a perfect podcast for an afternoon walk. All episodes run around 15-20 minutes so beware of binging. This podcast discusses trending topics and will broaden your thinking.

4. Life Uncut

Hosted by one of our favourite duos and past Bachie contestants Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley. These girls ooze relatability and talk all things dating, relationships, and navigating life as a 20-30 something-year-old. This podcast is perfect for a soak in the tub and a pamper evening.

5. I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

Challenge your thoughts around society and the pressures we face in the modern world. Jameela has a diverse range of guests from activists to influencers and performers. This podcast strikes the balance between being entertaining as well as educational. It’s thought-provoking as she dives into the questions of where our value as human beings lies.

6. Making Sense with Sam Harris

Another thought-provoking podcast bought to you by philosopher, neuroscientist, and author Sam Harris. This podcast covers some of the most important discussions around of our time. He presents difficult topics in a way that is manageable and easy to understand. Whilst you might not agree with all of Sam’s opinions, his beliefs and discussions around mindfulness are particularly insightful.

7. Modern Love (The New York Times)

High profile actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Uma Thurman read personal essays from the New York Times about all things life, love, and redemption. Lose yourself in the stories and brace yourself for a few tears. The perfect to podcast to listen to during these times. Great news if you’re a fan of this one, it’s now available on Amazon Prime as a mini-series.

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